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Lafayette Partners with Liberty for Mini DanceBlue

Lafayette Partners with Liberty for Mini DanceBlue

A dollop of compassion, a dash of enthusiasm, and a base of peer leadership was the recipe for success with Liberty Elementary’s DanceBlue mini marathon. “We want to be good community leaders and not just help the people sitting next to us in class,” said guidance counselor Bethany Dewsnap, explaining why Liberty wanted to help with the University of Kentucky fundraiser.

By chance, Dewsnap’s daughter Maddie was looking for a service opportunity for the Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) club at Lafayette High School. All the ingredients came together nicely as Gabbie Adams, Elliot Durham, and Maddie drew on their experience with Lafayette’s DanceBlue to design, plan, and host a smaller version at Liberty.

“They created the event, and it came to life,” said FCCLA adviser Jennifer Burton. “Overall, they learned a true sense of community -- how it takes a lot of help, a lot of partners and volunteers, a huge network of people to help make something like this happen.”

DanceBlue, the largest student-run philanthropy in the state, enhances the lives of young cancer patients and their families through the Kentucky Children’s Hospital. At Liberty, staff and teachers framed the cause in terms of helping sick children feel better. The school started the campaign in January – selling T-shirts and hosting Spirit Night at three local restaurants. Students also sold nearly 1,500 candygrams for Valentine’s Day and waged a penny battle, with the winning classroom getting a pizza party. Elizabeth Leon’s first graders brought in $311 in loose change.

“That class has really talked about why we need to help others,” Dewsnap said. “They have compassionate hearts and are invested in our community, and they want to make a difference.”

Altogether, Liberty more than doubled its goal and raised $5,519.53. On March 1, FCCLA club members from Lafayette joined forces with UK to host the school-day dance marathon and celebration in Liberty’s gym. As the classes rotated, the youngsters also worked at activity stations to design and color get-well cards, and each received a tiny yellow ribbon pinned on their shirt for pediatric cancer awareness.

“I hope they learn how small acts can help families in need,” Maddie said.

Dalmatian mascot with Lafayette and Liberty dancers in the gym
kids hold onto shoulders and belt loops in a train dance
Lafayette students Gabbie Adams, Elliot Durham, and Maddie Dewsnap in blue T-shirts
six diverse students at a table with markers and paper to make get-well cards
diverse class of first graders tries to follow the dance moves on the video
older student pins a yellow ribbon on T-shirt of a first grade girl
several classes of first graders pose with signs announcing the total money raised